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Adokiye talks about discrimination she faces as a virgin


Couple of years back when singer cum Nollywood actress, Adokiye Kyrian confessed to Potpourri that she was still a virgin at 23, the entertainment world welcomed the news with a mixture of shock and disbelief.

To some, it was simply a gag to gain attention and probably win some hearts.

Two years after, the s’exy diva says she’s still as good down below as the first day she came to this earth.

Whether being a virgin is a thing of pride or not in this fast and furious world of quick fix, it does appear Adokiye is not having quite a ball as many have been grinding her and asking questions about her se’xuality.

According to her, she receives jabs on daily basis, with some telling her she should come clean on her se’xuality and tell the world she’s gay rather than claiming she’s a virgin.

For the Grace crooner, who has just released a collabo with Oritefemi titled Jombolo, the jabs are beginning to leave a mark onher pride and her person and thus has decided to leave a line for the haters

“ A lot of people are tagging me gay. I don’t blame them. It’s not easy to find a beautiful girl who’s still a virgin, especially in this tough period. The truth is, I love men, I adore them, I cherish them and got so much respect for them but my problem is, I haven’t found that somebody yet, to give my body and heart to. It doesn’t mean I am a lesbian or gay or what not.”

Recall that the singer once said she’s willing to give her heart to the first man that can buy her mum a private jet she promised her, but now she seems to have reduced the price as she has said the type of man she wants must be “a responsible man, someone that would respect me and be God-fearing.”


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